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This is a wiki on dead pixels the indie-game by John Common. Available on Steam and Desura (on pc) and available to buy from the x-box live store.

Dead pixels website:

This is the wiki which will tell you about Dead Pixels the new indie-game/ zombie survival.

Dead Pixels is a side-scrolling video game that released in 2013. It is available on steam ($2.99 £1.99) and desura ($1.99 £0.99) for pc and it's also available for purchase from the X-Box Live store for 80 microsoft points.

(Dead pixels 2 has been announced and is being currently worked on by John but is not due for release for a long time yet.)

NEWS: Dead pixels 2 has now been confirmed and is being showcased at Rezzed 2014. It is currently in beta.

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